Peach Honey Straws 100 Counts


Peach Honey Straws! Free of Artificial Colors & Ingredients!

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Source: USA

Description: 100 counts of straws filled with 100% pure honey with all natural peach flavor , free of artificial flavoring and coloring. You will love a freshly picked peach in a straw! These flavorsome honey straws are an awesome treat for kids and adults and a fantastic drizzle on ice-cream. They are the perfect on-the-go snack; pop them into your bag and carry them wherever you go. Grab one stick before your workout for a quick energy boost!

Each of the 50 counts brings you a burst of deliciousness in a 17cm-long straw! Also check out these awesome honey straws in 2x5 counts and 50 counts.

Note:  Natural honey crystallises over time. When you bite into some course sugary-like grains in the straw, please do not think sugar has been added to the honey. Those grainy substances are naturally crystallised honey. Most commercial honey has been pasteurised/heated (and live enzymes destroyed) to prevent crystallisation of honey.