If you are residing in Singapore, you can now buy online various distinct floral varietals of honey, Manuka honey, raw honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and beeswax candles, and other many bee related products from Australia and New Zealand. Many of our products are sourced and brought in as a result of our customers' feedback and requests, including the true cinnamon/ceylon cinnamon and the exciting series of USA honey! All the honey in this store is 100% PURE, with no sugar or other Ingredients added. 100% free of contaminants and chemical residues.

Check out the prices below and go compare the prices at the retail and we bet you will find the prices here a lot more competitive. Payment: Credit card (Visa/Master) via PayPal (Paypal account not required). Get more details in: Honey Delivery/Self-Collection

Our e-store is also mobile-enabled. If you are using your handphone to browse and buy online, check out the mobile version of our website.

Our story: How did it all begin?

Founded in 2010, Bee Healthy is a spring-off from www.benefits-of-honey.com, an immensely rich, highly popular resource on the health benefits of honey that was created in 2006 for the love of honey... Continue to read about our beginning in: How Bee Healthy Was Started

How have you benefited from our bee products?

If you have benefited from the purchases from our store, would greatly appreciate if you could also post and share with us your thoughts so that more people can also benefit from your experience with bee products. Go: Bee Healthy Product Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  2.  Forms of Honey

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