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Bee Pollen 550mgx180 by Go Healthy

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Nature's Perfect Food. Super Value! (Broken Cell-Wall for Enhanced Absorption)

Current Batch Expiry: August 2022

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Current Batch Expiry: August 2022

Source: New Zealand

Description: 100% pure bee pollen collected straight from the bees, ground to powder form, concentrated and put into (180) vege capsules (potentiated pollen) for your easy consumption and fast absorption by the body. No processing is involved. 100% New Zealand sourced. A super value item that instantly appeals to those who take bee pollen as a daily supplement to boost body energy and immunity, assist digestion and speed up metabolism. The synergistic combination of bee pollen and propolis is also known to be effective for detoxing, cleansing the colon and treating chronic constipation.

Other Remarks: Differentiate these capsules which already have their cell walls broken from others that are filled with a few pollen granules. 180 capsules provide 3 months of supply based on a 2 capsules per day consumption for adults. Compare this with a bottle of 250g bee pollen granules which gives about a month of supply based on daily intake of 2 teaspoons. For young children, you can also twist open a capsule and drop the bee pollen into their food or beverage.