Honey and Lemon 500g by Superbee


Honey Lemon!

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Source: Australia

Description: A zesty blend of Superbee's premium honey and lemon juice. Mix it with warm water or tea to make an instant delicious and refreshing beverage. The honey and lemon concoction is popularly used as a detox tonic and home remedy for lack of energy, indigestion, lowering cholesterol and managing weight.

Other Remarks: Certain batches of this honey tend to form a crystallised layer from the bottom of the jar (depending on the season of harvest, especially during the colder season). This is crystallisation, a natural process of many unpasteurised honey and does not affect honey quality in any way or pose any concern for consumers. Crystallisation is a mark of unpasteurised honey (as pasteurized honey is heated to prevent crystallisation). Sit the honey jar in some warm water and the crystallised honey would return to its liquid state. Read more in: Crystallization of Honey.