Tas' Leatherwood 3kg by Superbee


Varietal Worth Your 2nd Look!

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Note: 3kg Tasmanian Leatherwood supply has been affected by a poor harvest due to bad weather. There is no indication when stocks would be back. Check out the 500g and 1kg options.

Source: Australia

Description: Sourced from the cold, deep rainforest of the world heritage wilderness of Tasmania, Tasmania Leatherwood is an impressive floral varietal and one of my most favourites. Carrying memorable perfumed notes with a long finish on the palate, this honey is a rare vintage, a distinctive and exceptionally ambrosial varietal that has jolted me to discover what monofloral varietals are all about. Must try it if you haven't, you will love it to bits. And Leatherwood honey fans, you can't miss this one! Note: Orders above $300 enjoy another 5% discount