Blackberry Straws 2x5 Counts


Kids' Love! 100% Pure Blackberry Blossom Honey. No Citric Acid, Coloring or Flavorings Added.

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Source: USA, Glorybee Blackberry Blossom Honey Sticks

Description: 2 packs (2x5 counts) of straws filled with 100% pure U.S. Grade A blackberry blossom, a delicious varietal of honey that has a unique, warm hint of blackberry flavor as it is made by the bees from the flowers of the blackberry bushes. Unlike most honey straws you find in the stores, these do not contain any citric acid or added blackberry flavorings and coloring (watch out for these when you see honey straws that come in flavors such as soup grape, lemon, apple, cherry, etc.). Our straws are filled with only one ingredient - 100% pure blackberry blossom honey and no other ingredients are added or hidden. Awesome! Perfect sweet treat for any kid (and actually adult too!) and for those who want a healthier sweetener for their tea and coffee when they are on the go.

Each of the 10 counts brings you sunshine in a 17cm-long straw! 

Note: Blackberry blossom honey crystallises easily over time. When you bite into some course sugary-like grains in the straw, please do not think sugar has been added to the honey. Those grainy substances are naturally crystallised honey. Most commercial honey has been pasteurised/heated (and live enzymes destroyed) to prevent crystallisation of honey.