Root Beer Honey Straws (500 Counts)


Classic Root Beer in Honey Straws! Free of Artificial Colors & Ingredients!

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Source: USA

Description: 500 counts of straws filled with 100% pure honey combined with all natural root beer extract (herbs and roots), free of artificial flavoring and coloring. These flavorsome honey straws are an awesome treat for kids and adults and a fantastic drizzle on ice-cream. If you like the Root Beer drink, you will love these honey straws! They are the perfect on-the-go snack; pop them into your bag and carry them wherever you go. Grab one stick before your workout for a quick energy boost!

Each of the 500 counts brings you a burst of deliciousness in a 17cm-long straw! Also check out these awesome honey straws in 2x5 counts50 counts, and 100 counts.

Note:  Natural honey crystallises over time. When you bite into some course sugary-like grains in the straw, please do not think sugar has been added to the honey. Those grainy substances are naturally crystallised honey. Most commercial honey has been pasteurised/heated (and live enzymes destroyed) to prevent crystallisation of honey.