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Raw Honey 1lb by Really Raw Honey

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Remarkable Floral Aroma! 

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Source: USA

Description: Really Raw Honey (brand name) is an Aster floral varietal that has made a name by its remarkable lovely floral scent, a reason why so many of its fans in Singapore are hooked to it and still continue to purchase and consume it over and over again despite its relatively big price tag. And the most unique point about this raw honey - each jar is capped with a layer of crunchy bits of honeycomb, bee pollen and propolis.

Other Remarks: Color of this honey varies from batch to batch (i.e. some being much darker than others). Some batches may come with a layer of liquid honey on top. Creamed raw honey naturally converts into its original liquid form over time in Singapore's room temperature. This is a natural process of raw, unpasteurised honey and does not affect honey quality in any way and poses no concern for consumers.