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Raw Tupelo 13.5oz (383g) by YS Eco

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Queen of Honey!

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Source: USA

Description: An incredibly lovely honey. Extolled as "the Queen of Honey" and described as "beautiful", "romantic" and "rapturous" by honey connoisseurs, Tupelo honey is produced from the White Ogeechee Tupelo blossom nectar. A premium, light golden honey varietal in the USA, this honey is sweet, fruity and distinctively flavorsome. You'll need to taste it to know the difference! Tupelo honey is rare and one of the most expensive varietals in America because its trees only grow in certain areas. This raw honey has a low glycemic index and is tolerated well by diabetics or those who are monitoring their blood sugar level. Known for its mellow flavor and clarity, Tupelo honey is popularly used as a fruit or vegetable salad dressing, drizzle for toasts and pancakes and sweetener for tea and plain Greek yoghurt. And even when mixed with just water, it is absolutely delightful! Details in Tupelo Honey - Queen of Honey.