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Pure Honey Straws 2 Packs (5 Counts Each)

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100% Pure Honey. No Citric Acid, Coloring or Flavorings Added.

Source: USA

Description: 2 packs (2x5 counts) of straws filled with 100% pure honey (Direct Import from USA in loose units). Unlike most honey straws you find in the stores, these do not contain any citric acid or added flavorings and coloring (watch out for these when you see honey straws that come in flavors such as sour grape, lemon, apple, cherry, etc.). Our straws are filled with only one ingredient - 100% pure honey and no other ingredients are added or hidden. Awesome! Perfect sweet treat for any kid (and actually adult too!) and for those who want a healthier sweetener for their tea and coffee when they are on the go.

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