Olive Wood Spoons Pair (16cm)


Gorgeous Tunisian Olive Wood Spoons!

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Source: Tunisia

Description: A pair of beautiful hand-crafted spoons made from Tunisian olive wood, one of the world's most iconic and charming olive varieties. These spoons have a smooth, intriguing grained texture like no other woods. They are strong, durable and yet light in the hands. 

Other Remarks: Tunisian olive wood is among the most beautiful and prized woods in the world. These olive wood spoons come in varying color tones, from very light to dark versions. Each piece is unique with very different natural wood grain patterns. Dry thoroughly after each wash. Coat it with edible oil such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil or beeswax from time to time to ensure longevity.

These Tunisian Olive wood honey spoons have sprung off a series of popular Tunisian wooden items (See them all in this category). Though most of them are not quite related our bee products, they certainly make the most practical for day-to-day items and beautiful gifts.