Beech Forest Honeydew Honey 500g by Airborne Maximize

Beech Forest Honeydew Honey 500g by Airborne

A Rare Honey with Exceptional Medicinal Qualities! 

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Source: New Zealand

Description: Yes, this is the rare, intriguingly exotic forest honey which many of you have been looking for. Because it is made from the "dews" the bees collect from the majestic beech forests of New Zealand’s South Island, this honey delicacy is also known as Honeydew honey (NOT the melon!). This wild forest honey by Airborne is dark amber in colour, full-bodied and silky smooth and has a distinct aroma of the forests, obvious tangy notes and a lingering exotic, earthy aftertaste. A lovely, delicious honey which every honey enthusiast must try. It also pairs perfect with cheeses and is an ideal drizzle for salads, desserts and Greek yoghurts.

Other Remarks: Forest or Honeydew honey represents the tireless work of more than just the bees. Read on why this honey is so prized in Europe for its reputed medicinal qualities and contains even more powerful antioxidants properties than honey derived from regular flower blossoms nectar: Honeydew Honey - More than the Spectacular Work of Bees.