Mini Wooden Honey Dipper 10cm (Approx.) Maximize

Mini Wooden Honey Dipper 10cm (Approx.)

Mini Wooden Dipper

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Source: China

Description: The honey dipper measures 9.8cm and its dipper head measures 2cm by 1.6cm. This dipper is crafted from the sustainable wood of the Schima Superba tree, a light colour and smooth-grained hard wood. (To prolong its lifespan, wash and dry thoroughly after each use.) 

Other Remarks:

1) A perfect item to be added to small honey gift bags: 42g Superbee Honey in Organza Bag or Mini Honey (42g) in Jute Bag.

2) A bigger version of short honey dipper in: Small Wooden Honey Dipper 10.5cm (Approx.).