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Source: USA

Description: Price is for a pair of floral design tealight candles made of 100% pure USA sourced beeswax. Size: 3cm tall by 5.5cm wide. A delightful pair of candles for any table or room. Burn time of each candle: 3-4 hrs. Note: Colour of beeswax candles can vary from orange-brown to orange-yellow to light yellow depending on the batch. This is largely determined by the type of pollen the bees collected and the climate. Note: This item comes with a gift box packaging

☛ Note: Overtime, a whitish, powdery film forms a frosty appearance on beeswax candles. Bloom only naturally appears on 100% pure beeswax candles. Even if the bloom is wiped away, it will be back in a few days or a few weeks. This is not a flaw but a natural characteristic of pure beeswax candles.

Other Remarks: If you never knew why beeswax candles are so superior, find out from: Beeswax Candles Versus Paraffin Candles.