Bee Pollen 250g by Superbee Maximize

Bee Pollen 250g by Superbee

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Source: Australia

Description: 100% pure and Australian sourced bee pollen granules. Prized as nature's perfect food, this raw wonder food benefits all ages in nourishing the brain and nervous system, and treating digestive disorders. Bee pollen is one of the most powerful immunity building natural foods you can give to the children as they grow up. It contains all 22 amino acids, the 22 basic elements which make up the human body as well as the exclusive Vitamin B12. Also, it has been long appreciated as an effective remedy for asthma sufferers and a weight management supplement (this explains why so many ladies are consuming it).

A daily fresh dose of bee pollens can be chewed direct, crushed and sprinkled on toasts, cereal or dissolved in the morning drink effectively helps to build great immunity and strength.