Honey with Comb 500g by Superbee Maximize

Honey with Comb 500g by Superbee

Honey with a Surprise Inside!

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Source: Australia

Description: A novelty in our honey bee product range, thisĀ bottle of honey has wowed and turned many heads. It contains a piece of precious honey-filled honeycomb, which is hard to find on commercial shelves these days. Experience the sensation of thick sweet liquid pouring into your mouth and inhale the cloying aroma of the wild flowers! A beekeeper also instructed this as remedy for sore throats - chew a small piece of the comb like a gum. I must say, it's an intoxicating treat, and it works fantastic!

Other Remarks: Fans of Yellow Box honey can immediately tell Comb in Honey comes pretty close in taste and character to Yellow Box honey.