Buckwheat honey - a great honey varietal which everyone should absolutely try!

High Antioxidant Activity

Buckwheat honey, nature's superfood, is considered as one of the most medicinal honeys around. It has higher concentrations of macronutrients, trace elements and anti-oxidant compounds (Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, September 2017). Rich in polyphenols, Buckwheat honey is especially sought-after for strengthening the capillary walls and thereby reducing the risk of high blood pressure, preventing stroke, arterial hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as improving blood formation, deficiency of blood and treatment of anemia.

In a study of 19 honey samples from 14 different floral sources (Journal of Apicultural Research, 1998) reported a significant correlation between color and antioxidant content of the honeys, with darker honeys possessing higher level of antioxidant activity. Buckwheat honey had the greatest antioxidant strength. And findings were confirmed by Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2000). Following this rationale, Buckwheat honey, one of the darkest honeys produced in the U.S, is often used in treatment of wounds and burns, ulcer, infections, fever, gastric ailments, and radiation sickness.

Better than OTC Cough Syrup

Darker honeys are often recommended for children who are coughing as they contain more bioactive compounds. Many studies have shown that Buckwheat honey is more effective than over-the-counter cough syrup for treating a cough. For instance, in a study of children aged 2 to 18 (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 2007) who had colds and coughs. One third of the children received artificially-honey-flavored dextromethorphan (DM) cough suppressant, one third received real buckwheat honey, and one third were given no treatment. It was found that honey was better than no treatment and also significantly outperformed DM syrups. It reduced the number of coughs, the severity of coughs, and improved sleep for the children.

Full account in: https://www.benefits-of-honey.com/buckwheat-honey.html