Propolis Liquid (Alcohol-Free) 25ml Bio30 by Manuka Health


Propolis Liquid Bio30. 

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Source: New Zealand

Description: 25ml of propolis liquid (Bio30 Strength). Propolis has traditionally been taken for immune system support. These drops can be mixed with a beverage or applied directly from the dropper. Manuka Health's Propolis is gathered by bees from plants in New Zealand's pristine environment. BIO30TM New Zealand Propolis, used in this product, has very high bioflavonoid levels that have been independently certified to be at least 30mg/g (BIO30TM).

This alcohol free propolis liquid is used to treat respiratory infections, colds and flu, and skin troubles. It can be diluted into water and taken orally as an antimicrobial and anti-cancer drink or as a gargle/mouth rinse for mouth ulcers, bad breath and maintaining general oral and dental health. Its anti-fungal and anti-viral powers are also effective when applied topically on wounds, cuts, burns, warts and other affected areas.  Caution: This bee product may cause allergic reaction for some individuals. Test on skin before use.

Other Remarks: Propolis is rich in amino acids and trace elements. It has high vitamin content and at least 38 valuable bioflavonoids, phenolic acids and esters including caffeic acid phenethyl ester or "CAPE", which is known to be effective in inducing death of cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells. Also known as “bee glue” and “nature’s best defence”, propolis is the sticky resin or sap collected by the bees from plants, combined with beeswax and their enzymes, and used for reinforcing the construction of their hives and keeping them free from bacterial and viral infections. Its natural antibiotic, antiviral,  anti-fungal properties and high concentration of flavonoids have been identified by scientists to have potential anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects.