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Honeycomb 300g by Superbee

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Cut of Honeycomb Fresh from the Hives!

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Source: Australia

Description: A novelty food that's now rarely found in the local stores - a fresh raw cut of hexagonal wax structure (300g) - honeycomb by Superbee. This is honey in its most original, purest form - completely unprocessed, straight from the hive! Nothing removed, nothing added. .

Chew and eat straight from the tray. The wax may be swallowed or discarded. Some find small chunks of this awesome on fresh hot toast, muffins, pancakes, and biscuits with strong cheeses. Be wonderstruck by how the bees instinctively build cells of such geometric perfection. A perfect gift that brings a ray of sunshine and puts on a smile on the face. Read more about honeycombs in: Why You Must Experience the Taste of Honeycomb.

Storage Tip: As with all honey, there is no need to refrigerate honeycombs. Honey tends to crystallise when refrigerated. Store at room temperature, away from heat.

Note: Color of honeycomb can vary from light yellow to dark brown, depending on floral source and season.